Alla Art (Australia)

My name is Alla. I am an artist living on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia.
I was born and raised in Europe where I spent four years at Art School learning the basics of academic drawing, painting, sculpture and history of Fine Art, followed by University where I was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Art degree.

My passion for art started in early childhood when I would draw, paint and create things at every opportunity.
I’ve been blessed by meeting some very talented teachers who worked with me to bring my childhood dream of becoming an artist to life.

I work with many media and techniques including oil, acrylic, gouache and batik - but my real passion and favourite is watercolour. Water based technique is not static; movement and fluidity are its hallmarks and as an artist I can play with the colours and water to generate emotion and reaction in the viewers of my work. Watercolour has an ability to produce unpredictable results that often take me and admirers of my work by surprise. With watercolour I can really express the true depth of feeling and emotion that comes from being an artist. The pleasure I gain from this type of creative work is truly one of the main sources of my happiness.

My paintings and drawings are attempts to capture the beauty of moments I have observed, imagined or experienced in daily life. My challenge is then to portray that experience on paper or canvas.

I’m a regular participant in local and international art exhibitions and competitions. Multiple awards, significant amounts of positive feedback and praise for my work are wonderful confidence boosters.

I’m very proud to know my paintings are highly regarded and are being added to private collections around the world including Australia, England, Canada, America, Japan and Germany.


2022* FINALIST, International Watercolor Masters, Top 200 Merit Award, UK

2021* FINALIST, IWS, The Beauty of Life, Biennale South Korea

2021* HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, The d'Arcy Doyle Art Awards

2021* HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, Gold Coast Show

2020* SOLO EXHIBITION, One’s Art Gallery, Broadbeach

2020* FINALIS, Hunters Hills Art Prize

2020* FINALIST, Morris Art Prize

2019* SECOND PRIZE, Gold Coast Show

2019* HIGHTY RECOMMENDED, Rotary Art Spectacular

Вы можете приобрести репродукцию любой работы Alla. При переводе,  укажите, пожалуйста, имя автора, номер картины (он указан внизу картинки) и адрес для доставки.

Стоимость репродукции:

Формат А3 -  60 злотых / Формат А4 - 40 злотых

Печать на холсте:

Формат А3 - 150 злотых  / Формат A2 - 200 злотых

Также можно заказать календари с выбранными картинами по индивидуальному проекту.

Стоимость календаря: Формат А3- 180 злотых

Цена включает пересылку по Польше. Пересылка в другие страны оговаривается отдельно. Срок реализации - 7 дней.

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